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Can I claim my membership and donations on tax?


The following is advice from the Australian Taxation Office. You may wish to obtain advice relating to your specific circumstances, but here's what the ATO has to say:

You can claim a deduction for political contributions or gifts to registered political parties, independent members of parliament (State or Commonwealth) or independent candidates in an election for parliament. Contributions must be $2 or more. The contribution or gift must be money, or property that you purchased during the 12 months before making the contribution or gift.

The maximum amount you can deduct in total for all your contributions or gifts to political parties during the year is $1,500. A separate limit of $1,500 applies in respect of the total deduction for all your contributions or gifts to independent candidates or independent members of parliament for the year.

The contribution to a political party must be to a registered political party under Commonwealth State or Territory electoral laws. A contribution to a political party can include membership fees.The contribution to an independent candidate or independent member must be in respect of a candidate for election to, or member of the Commonwealth or State Parliament or the Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory or the Australian Capital Territory.

An independent candidate is an individual whose candidature in an election for parliament is not endorsed by a registered political party. An independent member is a member of parliament that is not a member of a registered political party.