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Latest news

Our new hunting policy
1 September 2014

We've just launched a new hunting policy with the help of the Australian Deer Association, Field and Game Australia, Sporting Shooters Association of Australia Deer Stalkers  and Victorian Hound Hunters .. and it's enough to get any shooter excited about what we can do at November's state election.

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5 August 2014

Australian Country Alliance's western team was out and about again over the past few days in Hamilton at the 2014 Sheepvention.

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31 July 2014

It isn't often minor political parties get the opportunity to lead the debate on community issues.  Our media release on fireworks has now had great coverage in the major and country newspapers and radio.

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Feel like nominating for Eastern Metro lower house seats?
19 July 2014

Sometimes life throws up problems that are good to have.

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Updated policies
13 May 2014

The executive has been hard at work rebalancing and recasting the policies we will be taking into this year's Victorian state election.

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We've changed our name!
1 May 2014

The Victorian Electoral Commission has approved our application to become the Australian Country Alliance.

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Palmer on guns
3 April 2014

 Media reports on the Palmer United Party have identified a problem for any gun owner - they may hold similar values to the Greens when it comes to gun ownership.

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