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Latest news

Response to Lib's attack on ACA
19 November 2014

The Liberal Party has accused us of backing Labor.

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 Micro-party deal in Eastern Victoria Region
16 November 2014

Victoria's State Parliament could become dysfunctional after a massive micro-party deal was struck in Eastern Victoria Region.

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 The danger of donating to the Coalition or Labor
1 November 2014

Anyone considering donating to Labor or a Coaltion partner needs to read this.

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 Rally with Unlock Australia - 26 October at Neerim
29 October 2014

What a day!  Read more below - see our videos of Boggie's speech andUnlock Australia's John Rooth to a crowd of 10-12,000.

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What the major parties will axe
2 October 2014

If you look at the policies of the major parties, fishing, shooting, four wheel driving, the timber industry and country services are in deep, deep trouble!

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Jumps racing
16 September 2014

The Warrnambool Standard ran this story on our joint media release with another political party supporting jumps racing.

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Our new off-road motorbike policy
4 September 2014

We've got a great new policy that is already gaining a lot of attention from the off road motorbiking community.

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