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Latest news

Palmer on guns
3 April 2014

 Media reports on the Palmer United Party have identified a problem for any gun owner - they may hold similar values to the Greens when it comes to gun ownership.

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Executive changes
1 April 2014


We wish to announce the addition of four members to our executive. Those added to our new front line include:

Ken Pattison: Former 'Plug the Pipe' spokesman, ex KAP member and water expert.

Robert Danieli: Kyabram businessman and former Campaspe Shire councillor and KAP senate candidate.

Darren Cooper:  Former KAP Victorian Secretary and newly appointed the new Secretary of the (Australian) Country Alliance.

Cheryl Arnol: Timber industry champion, former Tasmanian councillor and senate candidate for the party in Tasmania.

 With the addition of these people to the team, the Country Alliance will have broader capabilities across the range of principles it represents in the lead up to this year's Victorian State Election.

The executive consists of nine in total. The other remaining members are Russell Bate OAM (Chair), Russell Pearson, Andrew Jones, Garry Kerr and Tony Leen.

Upon final approval from the Victorian Electoral Commission, it is anticipated the Country Alliance, armed with its improved line up, will be registered as the "Australian Country Alliance".


Raffle winners!
24 March 2014

We have three winners from our terrific Miroku shotgun raffle.

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Hennessy on camping fees
16 March 2014

Thumbs up to the Labor member for Altona, Jill Hennessy, for her contribution in Parliament during the week on camping fees.

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Weekly Times article on Bunnings
5 March 2014

Our story on the Bunnings sausage sizzles struck a nerve with the Weekly Times.  However Bunning's position on whether they do or don't support fishing and shooting club remains a little unclear.

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Weekly Times story on merger with Katters Australian Party
19 February 2014

The Weekly Times ran stories last week and this week on a 'merger' between CA and the Victorian Division of the Katters Australian Party. 

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2014 Wild Deer Expo
2 February 2014

CA waved its flag at yet another major event, this time the 2014 Wild Deer Expo in Bendigo.

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