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Proposed new boating laws
5 December 2011

The state government is proposing new boating laws that will introduce a number of new offences, increase fines including jacking up boating licence application fees by up to $643.

The Boating Industry Association (BIA) has gone through the regulations in detail and raised its concerns with the government without success.  Read the association's media release here.

Ports Minister, Denis Napthine, has issued this media release refuting some of the BIA's claims, however our analysis confirms the BIA's fears.

We encourage the Minister to gain independent advice on the Regulatory Impact Statement that was issued.

Among our concerns, which we share with the BIA are fees which are based on questionable safety and speculative statements, will deter participation and new offences which duplicate existing laws.  For example, if you own a pre-2002 boat, you will now ineed to have a new hull identification number affixed and confirmed by an "accredited person" - at your cost.   If you have a boating licence, you will now need additional accreditations if you wish to use a PWC or tow a skier.

The Country Alliance party is very concerned about this development and the relationship the government seems to have with the boating community. We believe the existing regulations should be rolled over pending more effective consultation with boat licencees and owners.  We will be releasing further statements on this in due course.