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Boaties lose the fight
25 June 2012

In December, the Weekly Times highlighted new regulations that the government was proposing to hit recreational boaties with.

Ports Minister, Denis Napthine, has now approved the regulations, which become law on 1 July.  While we are still analysing them, it would appear that the Minister has ignored the concerns of the boating community by quadrupling penalties for minor offences.

For example, failing to notify the boating regulator if you change your address within 14 days will cost you almost $300, or $2,800 if you want to fight it in court.

Failing to wear a life jacket will cost you the same. If you are also the driver of the boat, those amounts will be doubled again (yep, that's around $5,600)! 

The Minister's message seems to be clear: if you don't want to go broke this weekend, then don't go boating.

Our approach is different. We value the boating sector. You may recall our policy to double the number of boat ramps - without more red tape.

You can review the regulations by clicking here.