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Greens push for more taxes
14 July 2012

In what is hardly surprising move, the Greens are pushing for a new nationwide tax scheme on plastic and glass containers. 

While the scheme has admirable objectives of improving recycling, the way it is being proposed has the usual anvil hallmark of the way the Greens operate.  It is not a scheme to promote recycling, but another punitive tax by the Greens against consumption.

For example, the Herald Sun has published this article which shows that the price of a slab of beer would go up by $4 and the milk you buy for the kids up by nearly a dollar. The average impact would be over $300 per family per year!

Some jurisdictions have had schemes like this in the past, however the quantum of the tax has been small - small enough not to kill the family budget, but big enough to enable the boy scouts and other groups to earn some cash: a great outcome (although at a time when separation of recyclables from general waste tended not to occur).

However what the Greens are proposing - potentially a 20 cent increase on all drink containers up to three litres - is a significant hike on schemes previously used in other jurisdications.

The Greens have now introduced legislation in federal parliament to force the states into a national scheme.

The position being taken by the Australian Food and Grocery Council is a sensible one. It has called on the government to abandon the plan, which they say, as reported in the Herald Sun, was "another tax that will push up the cost of grocery bills for families".

"Cost-of-living pressures are already hurting families. The last thing they need is another tax on basic groceries.

"Just as they're dealing with hikes in electricity and gas bills, they'll also have to pay more for milk (and) soft drinks, and beer could go up by an extra $4 a slab."

The article states Environment Minister Tony Burke said Labor would not force a scheme upon the states. I guess this comes from the caning they are getting over the Carbon Tax, also a pet project of the Greens - and the Mining Tax. 

The Greens love taxes.  Especially on middle Australia.