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Media Releases

This page contains our media releases as well as other items of media interest. Click on the headings to access the releases.

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 Shepparton bypass plan unveiled
- issued 28 November2014
We'll fix Shepparton's bypass problem

ACA to re-open Winton Wetlands
- issued 24 November2014
The government's kite-flying ban remains in place

Palmer in Victoria
- issued 19 November 2014
Our Southern Metro candidate speaks up on Palmer

The Great Australian Sell off 
- issued 8 October 2014
What is happening to our state?

Julian Fidge to run for ACA
- issued 26 September 2014
He's our Ovens Valley candidate.

Put Numurkah back on the map
- issued 16 September 2014
Bring back the rail.

Political parties combine to support jumps racing 
- issued 9 September 2014
Here's the chance the jumps racing industry needs

- issued 4 September 2014
We've got a position supported by two off road organisations
- issued 22 August 2014
The call for the return of train is getting louder

Walsh decision erodes primary producer rights
- issued 21 August 2014
What is Peter Walsh doing?

- issued 19 August 2014
Our current position on CSG 
- issued 18 August 2014
Bryon Winn speaks out

Come clean over port development
- issued 13 August 2014
The people of Geelong need to know.

 Call for Guy to intervene over Echuca farming issue
  - issued 11 August 2014
It's time for the government to stand up for farmers

 Call to 'Make Mildura Marginal'
  - issued 8 August 2014
We're looking for a top notch candidate

Deliver on rail, or else!
  - issued 7 August 2014
Local pollie promises a thinktank, but no rail.

Nats urged to extend $12.5m shooting fund
  - issued 30 July 2014
The Nats finally provide funding, but there is a catch

Bring back Fireworks Night
- issued 26 July 2014
Let's bring back the great Aussie tradition!

Boat ramp grid lock prompts election focus
- issued 25 July 2014
Doug Phayer will lead our boat ramp charge

ACA sinks the boot into the Army
- issued 17 July 2014
Find out why we're upset with the top brass

Eastern candidate speaks out on new camping tax
- issued 7 July 2014
Find out why Eastern residents are getting ripped off

Boaters still fuming over lack of boat ramps
- issued 19 June 2014
The Government's addtiional $3m per annum falls well short of what Victorian boaters need

Minister taxes the humble grey nomad
- issued 1 June 2014
Minister Ryan is after his share of the grey nomad's limited funds

Communities must have a say with CSG
- issued 29 May 2014
Tell the government, if you want fracking, prove your case to us.

Bridge Policy Collapse
- issued 19 May 2014
The people of Murray Plains, Echuca & Swan Hill need the bridge issue fixed.

 Budget fuel excise to affect cost of living
- issued 14 May 2014
Fuel indexed twice yearly could affect regional economic growth.

Country rail cuts 'disrespectful' of regional communities
- issued 8 April 2014
The government is ripping up an important country rail line

 Bunnings Face Grilling Over Sausage Sizzle
- issued 2 March 2014
What's wrong with a simple sausage sizzle?

 Chasing the fluoro vote
- issued 13 February 2014
It's yellow, it's orange or it's blue. It also votes. Big time.

Listen to the boaties, says CA
- issued 26 November 2013
CA continues its support for more boat ramps

Australia Post remains at risk of privatisation
- issued 5 September 2013
Neither side has denied it will privatise Australia Post. We'll save it.

Triabunna export facility to re-open under CA
- issued 2 September 2013
The woodchip mill would re-open if CA had its way

Nationals must keep the trade portfolio
- issued 30 August 2013
The Liberals are likely to take the trade portfolio away from the Nats. This would be disastrous.

Australia Post parcel hit for pensioners, families
- issued 30 August 2013
Australia Post rules on new minimum charges for country areas

Renewable investments are "killing investment"
- issued 20 August 2013
Why spending our money on renewables is hurting us

Concern over candidate's eligibility
- issued 19 August 2013
Is a Greens candidate ineligible to nominate?

Tearing down Australia Post's parcel monopoly
- issued 19 August 2013
Better, faster cheaper parcel deliveries. It can be done.

$2bn pledge to fix Tasmania's export bottleneck
- issued 6 August 2013
We've found a better use for the carbon tax

Greens candidate opposes his own party's policy
- issued 31 July 2013
The Greens oppose recreational hunting, except for their own members

Fear over loss of driver licences
- issued 13 July 2013
Scrapping car registration stickers in Victoria could lead to more losses of licences.

Beating the car park squeeze
- issued 8 July 2013
Ever found it difficult to get into your car at the car park? Join the queue.

Greens party members urged to query deer culling statements
- issued 5 July 2013
Members of the Greens party should question their leaders statements on deer culling.

Call for inquiry over illegal protesters
- issued 1 April 2013
We say illegal protesters have gone too far. Its time for an inquiry into the damage they do.

MP challenged over duck shooting claim
- issued 14 March 2013
A Greens MP says the people of Donald don't want to see duck shooters. The people of Donald say otherwise.

Tasmania's forestry industry gains a federal election boost
- issued 10 March 2013
Tasmania will be represented at the federal election by a dedicated local forest industry advocate.

 Bringing a country boy to the Senate
- issued 8 March 2013
Victoria has a choice. It can vote for a prefabricated candidate from a major party, or someone who has something to offer.

Action needed on Dromana pier
- issued 3 March 2013
The neglect of the Dromana pier illustrates the broader problem: we don't have enough investment for fishing and boating infrastructure.

Greenpeace protesters need bigger penalty
- issued 22 November 2012
CA welcomes the convictions for two protesters who vandalised a CSIRO crop, however we think they got off way too lightly with suspended sentences.

Labor and Liberal's copying, a sincere form of flattery
- issued 11 November 2012
The implementation of the new fire levy collection system is a direct take from CA's 2006 election policy platform.  We've got other policies they might like to consider.

Alcohol push labelled a "nanny state" measure
- issued 31 October 2012
CA says a push by a state MP to increase the price of alcohol penalises the wrong people. The Herald Sun, 3AW, MMM and Fox FM have covered our story.

New recognition for shooters, boaters
- issued 6 September 2012
Boaties and shooters get more recognition in electoral regulations, thanks to CA

Marine reserve threat to Bluefin Tuna fishing
- issued 17 July 2012
The Gillard government has refused to rule out banning recreational fishing for Bluefin Tuna.

Boating policy, an election battleground
- issued 26 June 2012
The government wants to create more red tape for boaties: we want to invest in more ramps.

No TAFE cuts!
- issued 21 June 2012
The coalition should grow country eduction - not slash it.

Labor, Liberals "as one" with the Greens on marine parks
- issued 16 June 2012
Can you spot the difference between the major parties and the Greens on marine parks?

CA releases "double the boat ramp" policy
- issued 10 May 2012
We don't have enough boat ramps: that's something any boat owner will tell you!

Kids need a farm exchange program
- issued 25 April 2012
City and country kids with both benefit under a farm exchange program.

CA releases outdoor recreation policy
- issued 14 March 2012
Successive governments have failed to identify and harness the economic value of the outdoor recreational pursuits.

The Bangerang people - time to right a major wrong
- issued 16 January 2012
The Baillieu Government needs to write a major wrong done by the former Bracks Government.

Call to open up Frankston Reservoir
- issued 10 December 2011
Fishing has been banned in the Frankston Reservoir. We wa
nt that lifted.

 Boating regulations show consultation flaws
- issued 10 December 2011
Proposed hikes in fees and penalties for boaters show the problem in how the government engages with the outdoor recreational sector.

Nurses - it's not just about the pay
- issued 13 November 2011
The Nationals backdown on a game council demonstrates the cost of coalition agreements

 National's backdown on a game council
- issued 13 November 2011
The Nationals backdown on a game council demonstrates the cost of coalition agreements

Yarra Ranges Council losing it's way
- issued 11 August 2011

The Yarra Ranges Shire Council bans mini-bikes on private property

CA now registered for federal elections
- issued 29 July 2011

The AEC has formally registered CA for federal elections

Canberra fails to listen to the Latrobe Valley
- issued 7 July 2011

The carbon tax highlights ignorance to the community

Brown "keeps the bastards dishonest"
- issued 26 March 2011

Burke's war on Alpine grazing is proof of who is running government

Clean up Tyabb Bushland Reserve
- issued 19 January 2011

Parks Victoria needs to get on top of managing the reserve

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