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About Us

An effective voice for Rural and Regional Australia


   We care about regional and rural Australia, the towns, small businesses, local communities and volunteers that are all too often forgotton by those in Government - people who often have no clue as how those who work the land and   live in country areas are doing it tough, how small country businesses and companies are struggling and how country communities are put at risk as funding for basica services are cut.

             We care about the lack of investment in infrastructure in our country towns and regional centres that continues to decline, resulting in our diminishing quality of life and that of our children.

        We care about our chilren and their futures including their access to proper education, especially in light of education cuts to our schools and tertiary education providers.

            We care about those seniors in our society who have already given so much and to date have received so little in return, we  believe our “Older Generations” deserve better.

        We care about farmers and life on the land, protecting food production ensuring food security.

        We care aout fair water entilements and supply to ensure the reliable supply of life giving water for food production.

·           We care about our right to live and work in our communities and to persue our chosen pastimes in recreation and outdoor sports and activiries.

·           We believe in affordable and accessible health services for all Australians regardless of where pople live.

·          We care about the lack of Incentive from any Governments to help and encourage those on the land.



"Country Alliance" was formed out of concerns among various interest groups.

A series of meetings in the first half of 2004 led to a commitment to proceed with the formation of Country Alliance. We obtained registration in Victoria in 2005 and contested the 2006 and 2010 Victorian state elections in three and then four of the eight upper house regions.

At the 2010 Victoria election, we averaged over 4% in both the upper and lower houses and came within 3% of a quota from getting a candidate elected in the Northern Victoria Region.

The party is now registered for federal elections.  

In 2014 the Victorian Executive of Katter's Australian Party voted to merge with Country Alliance to form 'Australian Country Alliance' with broader policies that stand for all Victorians without forgetting it's rural and regional roots.

At the November 2014 Victorian election we ran a record 52 candidates all up with 9 lowerhouse candidates achieving on or over 4% with two not quite reaching 10% of the vote. Robert Danieli was leading in the results for Northern Victoria in the Legislative Council only to be beaten by labor in the last 10% of preference distribution.

ACA is now looking forward to cementing itself as the real alternative and true "Country Party".