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Australian Country Alliance asks you to  “Join Us”. Most people believe that just one person cannot make a difference in an election. Where one may not, many can, and here are two ways to help bring about change:

  1. Join us at Australian Country Alliance – this way you can stay up to date on what is happening in your local community. Australian Country Alliance prides itself on keeping its’ members up-to-date on matters of interest them, as well as who our candidates are, what they stand for, and what your vote for them will help to achieve; and
  2. Help us out on polling days, if you can spare a few hours. Helping to hand out ‘how-to-vote’ cards can help to ensure that a maximum number of people get the chance to understand what we are trying to do for them; bringing the candidate into their lives by trying to help them achieve goals that improve the lives, and livelihoods, of their local communities.

As members, you would be surprised by how just one vote from you can help us change how the government relates to us for the betterment of ourselves, our families, our businesses and our communities.

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