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Our policies...

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Agriculture: We believe agriculture is important enough to warrant it's own regionally based department
Boat Ramps: We want to double their number
Camping grounds: We support improved waste services for camping grounds in state parks and reserves
Carbon tax: The tax is anti business and does nothing for the environment
Dairies: Better support for farmers
Economics: We want a proper study on the economic value of the recreational sector
Education: We support government initiatives that improve education facilities in regional areas
Extremists: Drastic action needs to be taken to curb illegal protest activity
Fire refuges: We want a reduction in stamp duty for houses that include fire refuges
Firearms and hunting policy: A more detailed look at what can be done
Firewood: We want people to be able to collect fallen timber for firewood
Fishing: Expanding the opportunities
Government departments: We'll move them to where they should be
Health: We want better health services for country towns
Logging: Forest management should be extended to water catchments
Motorbikes: We want a new recreational motorbike licence to support their use on unsignposted roads
Payroll tax: We want country businesses to have their exemption threshold raised to $1m
Pest management: Pest management on public lands needs improvement
Planning: The planning needs of local communities needs greater autonomy
Poker machines: We'll limit them to casinos and racing venues
Public assets: We oppose the sale of our major public assets
Recreational policies: We support 4WD'ing, rodeos, shooting, fishing and better public land access
Renewable energies: Shutting down the coal fired generators is not the answer
VEAC: We oppose the creation of more national and marine parks
Water: We want to see a fairer system to water entitlements

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