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Motorbikes: We want a new recreational motorbike licence to support their use on unsignposted roads

We want a licence that permits 14 year olds to participate in a limited range of riding activities under existing recreational motorcycle registration arrangements.


Country Alliance will seek the introduction of a recreational motorbike licence to enable 14 to 18 year olds to work on the land (complying with WorkCover requirements) and participate in recreational motorbike activities, under the supervision of a fully licensed motorbike rider.

Current arrangements do not permit this, and there is a need to fill this void. The licence would apply only to those areas where 'recreational motorcycle registration' applies, and would not permit the use of motorbikes on signposted public roads.

The licence would limit the riding of motorbikes approved under the Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme.

The experience gained by the licence proposed by Country Alliance would provide valuable experience for new riders for when they seek their learners permit to ride bikes on public roads when they turn 18.


(5.2.08 - updated 3.3.12)

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