A complete guide of different types of diffusers

A complete guide of different types of diffusers

Aromatherapy is a positive, economic and effective way to rejuvenate your mind and provide pleasant fragrance to your space. A diffuser diffuses beneficial essential oils which is poured on to the device. It break downs the molecules of the essential oils and diffuses the correct concentration into a required space giving a characteristic smell to the room.

One should learn to choose the right fragrance and type of diffuser to their interiors. You will encounter a variety of diffusers in the market. Let us take a look into the different options, mechanism and lastability of the diffusers which are reviewed by cozyhousetoday.com.

Reed Diffusers

  • In this type of diffusers, wooden sticks/ reeds are placed into a bottle of essential oil.
  • The oil moves up to the reed from the bottom and the fragrance is released from the top.
  • This type of diffuser lasts untill, there is essential oil in the bottle.
  • This type of diffuser does not produce any kind of mist that are usually seen in other diffusers.
  • This does not require heat, electricity or water and requires only least maintenance. Once setted up, it is always on!
  • The bottle can be reused after washing with a mild soap and different oils can also be used in the same bottle.

reviewed by cozyhousetoday.com

Nebulizer diffusers

  • This is a very good option of diffuser, if you want to improve your breathing and lungs. You can reap many natural benefits from this.
  • Here the diffuser breaks down the oil particles into separate molecules and it is dispersed. The rate of dispersion is even and uniform.
  • The speed and coverage area of the diffuser is determined by the pump and the diffused scent respectively.
  • The cleaning and maintenance of this type of diffuser is time consuming and complicated. If not taken care properly, the pump and bottle may get clogged.

Water Diffusers

  • This type of diffusers are the most common and affordable version.
  • Here ultrasonic waves diffuses the specific oil and water into a wide space of room. This is the diffuser which can be used in large rooms.
  • This diffuser produces mist and also humidifies the room.
  • The size of this type of diffuser determines the working time. Smaller diffusers work less hours compared to that of the larger ones.
  • The diffuser is automatically turned off when the basin is empty.
  • Proper cleaning should be done, otherwise a film of oil will be generated in the water basin which may cover the sensor that regulates the operation of the machine.